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Bass Fishing Gone Wild – A Brand Identity Development Story

When professional bass angler Kirkland Desmond came to us several months ago to ask for our help with creating his new brand identity we were excited to say the least. What could be more creative than adding a little flair to the sport of professional bass fishing EV2 style?

Kirkland isn’t your average angler. He’s a little wild, a little edgy and quite the hip guy on the scene.

When he contacted us he said he wanted some of our “wild style” incorporated into his new look. Kirkland wanted to stand out from the other anglers and make a statement. The request was for something a little grunge oriented with bold colors. We began brainstorming and the following materials are the result of our efforts to develop a wild, aggressive brand identity for the “new kid on the scene” and get him noticed.

We started by exploring ideas for the development of his actual logo. Just because he is an angler we didn’t want the typical fishing related icons that most others in the sport use. We opted for a hook specific to his fishing style that actually wraps around his name surrounding it. The sharp hook symbolizes an aggressive angler that contains the name and makes it one entire piece. We decided to keep it a bit broken and grungy with a tattered style font that looks slightly broken apart with rough edges and a little spatter. The hook itself is clean, not rusty or worn while the name itself is very rough. This symbolizes that there is a level of perfection or pristine beauty within this “bad ass” angler who is out to get noticed.

The color palette is simple with a bold water like blue, black and some grey used to represent the hook itself. The blue makes an impact while making you comfortable and not being to over the top.


Once we developed the brand identity for Kirkland we moved on to some other print related materials for him including his business cards and thank you cards as requested. Check out some of those concepts below. As you can see we kept the format and overall brand identity consistent with the use

the same fonts colors, etc. Kirkland wanted the same style of grunge to be applied to the cards and other materials we developed. Take a look at how we conveyed that to these pieces below. We opted to go with the logo and text at an angle to add a little diversity and make his materials stand out from the others with standard alignment.

kirkland desmond business card front

business card back for Kirkland Desmond

Of course being a professional angler you simply have to wear a flashy jersey that makes you stand out. We incorporated the colors and general theme into Kirklands 2014 fishing jersey as well. With this project we kept all branding consistent and added in his sponsors logos as requested. As shown you can see the consistency and level of detail we applied while still utilizing the color scheme and paint spatter we developed. We wanted his jersey to pop and get noticed and adhere to his brand identity. The jersey included both the front and back as well as the sleeves, collar and cuffs. All of these items will be printed using dye sublimation and pieced together to create the final product. Here’s what we came up with.

Kirkland Desmond 2014 fishing jersey front

Kirkland Desmond 2014 jersey back

Kirkland Desmond 2014 jersey sleeves & collar

The next project sent to us was a new one for us. Kirkland decided he was going to use a mask, similar to one used in dirt bike riding or paintball to shield his face from the harsh winds experienced while racing down the open water to a fishing spot. What better way to stand out than to don a mask that matches your overall brand? We were up to the task. We worked with one of team members experienced in vinyl application and wrapping to assist us in developing a two dimensional template of the mask to apply the graphics to. The graphics, once designed on the template were printed in 3M heavy duty vinyl and applied to the mask. Instead of airbrushing a design on the mask we chose to use vinyl which will allow Kirkland to remove it at any time if sponsors change and simply reprint and re-apply. Take a look at how amazing the final product turned out and how well it fits with the overall brand identity we have created.

Kirkland Desmond fishing mask 2014

Kirkland Desmond fishing mask 2014

Kirkland Desmond fishing mask 2014

Kirkland Desmond fishing mask 2014

Gain online business reviews

How to Gain Business Reviews Online – Tips to Getting More Feedback

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is “How do I gain more reviews of my business online?”

The first thing you have to understand is that reviews should never be about your ranking. Reviews are used to gauge your performance and make improvements where necessary. If you only look at customer reviews as a way to boost your business online you aren’t utilizing them to their fullest potential.

EV2 Agency Google + Reviews

Whether good or bad, a review should be used as an indication as to how well your business is performing and every business owner should be aware of the reviews they are receiving. Responding to reviews is also critical. No matter the context of the review, a response from the business or it’s owner is always beneficial. It’s show’s potential customer’s you are not only in tune with their needs but attentive and willing to take constructive criticism.

So how do you gain more reviews for your business in hopes to better your performance and grow as well as attract new customers?

  • Be Available Everywhere Online: What we mean is that not everyone prefers Google or Yelp. By having consistent and robust profiles online in various places (citations) where customers frequent, you stand a far greater chance of gaining the reviews you want. Nothing can be more bothersome to a customer than being asked for a Google review if in fact they are not a Google user. People choose to spend their time in various places, and by positioning yourself where they browse you are more likely to be seen and reviewed. The good news is that with the exception of Yelp (due to pending lawsuit) that Google now shows reviews from various other sources around the web such as MerchantCircle, CitySearch and more.
  • Online Review Window Stickers

  • Ask about your performance: There’s nothing at all wrong with asking for the review. If, of course it’s done in the right context. Don’t ask your customers to leave you a “Good Review Online”. Instead let your customers know after the sale you would like them to rate your performance or provide you with feedback to help you grow and perform better in the future. Advise them that you exist in various places online (even providing a list for them) and let them know you would like to hear from them. The key is to making your customers aware that your intention isn’t about your online ratings or even your ranking, rather that you simply want to know how well you did, or didn’t do. Your customers will not only be impressed that you care enough to ask for feedback but be more likely to do so.
  • Citation & Website Stickers or Banners: You want your customers to know where you exist online so they can review you, so how better to let them know where to find you online than displaying logos for websites your business exists on. You can find various places online that offer stickers from some of your favorite sites such as Google, Yelp and more. Displaying them in a prominent location, such as the front door or lobby of your business helps customers recognize where you exist online and leave reviews on their favorite sites. If your business doesn’t have a physical location or storefront you can also download logos of the sites you exist on and place them on your businesses website. Most sites offer free banners specifically for this that you can place anywhere on your page to guide customers to the site and gain the feedback you are looking for.
  • Send an email blast: Most businesses collect email address in any number of ways (if you aren’t you should be) to reach out to their existing customers or prospective buyers interested in their product or service. Email is not only a cost effective way to reach consumers, but is also able to be tracked. Create a compelling email blast, preferably with a catchy graphic and witty headline that compels users to open the email and click through to leaving you some great feedback. Emails can be set up to link directly to any number of your profiles specifically or provide a list of various resources. Consumers check their email multiple times a day and sending an email is a cheap and easy way to get their attention.
  • EV2Agency Google Review Email

  • Create printed review materials: Sometimes customers need a little reminder that you’ve asked for a review of your performance. There’s nothing that says you can’t provide that little hint. A great way to do that is by giving them a take away, such as a business card or mailer that simply asks them to “Rate your performance” to help you perform better. Create a business card with a simple headline and listing of logos of the various places they can rate you. Let the customer decide where they would like to leave the review based on their own personal online habits. The review will find it’s way to you. Many businesses have mailing lists as well. Sending out a mailer is also a great way to let customers know you are looking for their input and where they can send it. People spend some much time online they often block out emails, banners and other requests that are not directly solicited or sought. By sending a piece of mail or handing someone a takeaway card of some sort can sometimes be the perfect way to reach them.

Google Review Flyer for BigMechanic

Now that we have given you a few ideas of how to generate reviews for you business lets touch briefly on the do-not’s of online reviews:

  • Don’t ask for “Good Reviews” – ask for feedback on
  • Don’t create fake profiles for the purpose of leaving reviews.
  • Don’t buy reviews from any resource online.
  • Don’t offer to trade products or services for positive reviews.
  • Don’t leave any reviews without a response no matter the

Follow these simple rules for online reviews and your business will see the impact as you learn more about what your customers want, how they perceive you and what adjustments you can make to improve. A business that constantly makes performance improvements lasts where others often fail.

View your reviews as a learning tool and your success is sure to improve exponentially.