Kirkland Desmond - Bass Pro Angler

So let's just say that Kirkland isn't your average Bass Pro Angler. He's a little bit edgy, a little bit wild and just not like the others on the 2014 tour.

Having known him for quite a few years now Kirkland came to us knowing we could develop a wild style for him that would set him apart from the other guys and get him noticed. From the start the bass angler stated he wanted grunge and grime and just an overall aggressive and rough look. We decided to explore using spatter, drips and splashes in his design as well las rough edges within the logo itself.

Being that his game is fishing, why not utilize a bright, bold blue in the design against a black background to make it pop. We also explored the use of a hook that encompasses the name as part of the design. Just because he fishes doesn't mean we need a fish, however we thought the hook to be an interesting and unique addition.

Since the development of the logo and brand itself we have continued to carry that idea through to the wide variety of materials we have created for the angler. Creating a brush set for the spatter we have been able to keep the theme consistent throughout such materials as the anglers business cards, facebook banners and materials, his 2014 fishing jersey (shown in slide 3) and even completely wrapping a custom mask with vinyl used while racing down the open water to his favorite fishing spot!

Overall we have had a blast developing the brand identity for the Bass Pro Angler. There has been quite a bit of thought put into the brand and his image and we certainly want to keep it flowing throughout all of his materials. You can read more about the story of the conceptulization in the blog about it here.

Launch website

What we did

  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Design
  • Printing
  • Jersey, Mask, Etc.