EV2 Launches - February 2014

Ed Valenti

February 16, 2014

Well it's taken quite a few months, many late nights and lots of sketches and mock-ups. But finally, we think we got it just right. We've gone over colors, fonts, shapes and various other elements to help us make a final determination on what we wanted to do with the brand. We think what we have come up with will be a lasting and memorible brand identity.

We have utilized the brand across all of our social platforms, local citations, web listings and more and share with you an unsurpassed level of brand consitency that shows just what EV2 can do for not only our brand but for yours as well. We are all about making your business a success and that's why we chose to use the phrase: "Your first impression. That's our business." because we believe that it truly is just that.

We're glad you're here. Take a look around. Feel free to reach out to us, leave us your comments or opinions or simply just say hi. We always love to hear from people that enjoy creativity, technology or just good branding and design. Thanks for joining us!

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